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Bobby Corwen
19 May
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I like sand between my toes, shadows on faces in the dark, the sounds and smells of rain, well-written books, warm breath on my cheek, arms pulling me closer, red noses in the winter, roasting marshmallows over a campfire, surround sound, wind in my hair, hands in my hair, ice cream on the hottest days, climbing trees, wiry curly hair, laughing out loud, and math.

I don't like drying off with a damp towel, weak coffee, sour cream and onion chips, shoes that give me blisters, my unshaven legs, and missing when you're gone.

I prefer yellow of the colors, autumn of the seasons, basketball of the sports, George of the Beatles, and milk of the liquids.

I wish I was wittier, prettier, and wiser.

And I think we'll get along just fine.